Advanced Hunting & Outdoor Skills Camp

The Pierce Ranch will be the home of the Advanced Hunting & Outdoor Skills Camp. This Camp and its activities will take the Outdoor Texas Camps to a new level. The Advanced Hunting & Outdoor Skills Camp will give each Camper opportunities to utilize the skills he has learned at previous Outdoor Texas Camps, as well as introduce them to, or improve on their, Waterfowl Hunting Skills…as the Pierce Ranch is one of the Premier Texas Waterfowl Destinations. The activities at this Camp will include:

1) Nighttime Hog Hunting with Night Vision Optics.
2) Morning and Evening Hog Hunting over bait.
3) Waterfowl Calling & Identification.
4) Retriever Training with both Experienced Dogs and Puppy’s
5) Evening & Nighttime Varmint Calling and Hunting.
6) Trapping Techniques for Coyotes and other Varmints.


Advanced Hunting & Outdoor Skills Camp • August 5th – 11th • Boys Aged 12 – 17 • $1,295 • # of Campers: 18


Riflery • Night Shooting • Archery • Blood Tracking • Game Calling • Hog Hunting (am, pm & nighttime) • Waterfowl Calling & Identification • Retriever Training • Decoy Layout • Trapping and Snare Workshop • Electronic Varmint Calling • Camping Survival 


6:00 AM  Wake Up  
6:30 AM  Hog Hunting
9:30 AM  Blood Trailing
11:00 AM  Archery
12:30 PM  Lunch
1:00 PM  Rest
2:00 PM  Riflery
3:30 PM  Camping/Survival
5:30 PM  Dinner
6:30 PM  Varmint Calling
9:30 PM  Cabin
10:00 PM  Lights Out


6 – 7 T-Shirts
3 Pair of Long Pants
Cap and/or Visor
3 – 4 Pair of Shorts
2 Long Sleeve Shirts
1  Pair of Hard Soled Hiking/Hunting Boots
Pair of Sneakers and/or Sandals
2 Towels
Water Bottle
Sun Glasses
Bug Spray


Personal archery equipment is optional.  
No Guns. Hunting and Deer Camps have all the guns needed.
No electronic games.
No food or snacks.
Cell phones must be kept by the Camp Director. Camper can use his phone at the appropriate times.


Michael Shipley – Camp Director
Kelly Haydel – Waterfowl Calling, Tactics, Identification, Blinds & Decoys                                                                                                             Lloyd Webb – Shotgun Instructor
Rody Best – Retriever Training & Waterfowl Hunting
John Weishaar – Camping/Survival


The Pierce Ranch is about 2hrs 45mins east of San Antonio on the way to Houston, and south of I-10 in between El Campo and Wharton.  For more information about the Pierce Ranch, as well as detailed directions, go to their website at .