Boys Saltwater Fishing Camp


The Outdoor Texas Saltwater Camp is located at Bluff’s Landing, just west of Corpus Christi on the Laguna Madre.  The facilities, the activities, and the staff provide an experience that Campers will never forget. No Outdoor Texas Camp has created more excitement or anticipation, or grown faster than the Saltwater Fishing Camps. The variety of activities offered, and the success of the Camp activities has been remarkable. The decisions to utilize local Captains and other local Professionals have given the Campers the best experience possible.


Saltwater Fishing Camp • July 23rd – July 29th • Boys Age 9 to 17 • Cost: $1,195 • Number of Campers: 20


Spin Casting • Baits and Lures • Knot Tying • South Jetty Fishing • Pockery Channel Fishing • Cast Netting • Tackle Rigging • Fish Identification • Fishing Techniques • Kayaking & Water Safety • GPS Techniques • TPW Fishery Tour • Bays of Texas • Wade Fishing • Kayak Fishing • Pier Fishing • Offshore Fishing


Outdoor Texas Camp is thrilled to be able to add more special activities to our Saltwater Camps in addition to the exciting every day activities the campers are taking part in. Campers get to choose 2 activities to be included in their weekly schedule out of the 6 listed below. They can chose a 3rd activity for an additional fee of $150.

The choices are:

1.  Bay trip with a local professional guide. This activity has produced great stringers of fish each and every year. (4 campers per trip)

2.  Spend the night on a lighted fishing barge. This is a great activity – always very popular. This overnight trip is followed by an early morning kayak fishing trip across a large flat for trout and redfish. (5 campers per trip)

3.  Early morning and late night fishing on Padre Island National Shoreline. The camp will be put together for an evening of tackle rigging, catching bait, and a beach dinner. Evening and late night fishing for sharks and other species that cruise the surf in search of an easy meal. Sunrise surf fishing will be the activity as the sun comes up over the gulf.  (5 campers per trip and will be subject to weather).

4.  Shallow water adventure with David Norris. David is one of the best shallow water fishermen on the coast of Texas. Campers will fish places where Outdoor Texas Camp has discovered a unique fishing opportunity. Very unique redfish adventure. (2 campers per trip)

5.  Evening/late night flounder gigging trip with a professional guide. This trip begins at dark and spends the next 4+ hours searching the shallow waters for flounder and black drum. The use of the gig will be taught by the guide and each camper will have the opportunity to learn and enjoy this unique skill. (4 campers per trip)


6:00 AM
6:30 AM
7:00 AM
12:00 PM
1:00 PM
3:30 PM
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
6:30 PM
10:00 PM
Wake Up
Activity Session I (Ex. Bay and Flats Fishing)
Activity II (Ex. Knot Tying)
Activity III (Ex. Cast Netting)
Activity IV (Ex. Tackle Rigging)
Evening Activity Session V (Ex. Pier Fishing)
Lights Out


Personal Life Vest
6 – 7 T- Shirts
2 Light Long Sleeved Shirts
5 – 6 Pair of Shorts
2 Swimsuits
Cap or Visor
Polarized Sun Glasses
1 Pair of Water/Wading Shoes/Slippers
1 Pair of Sneakers and/or Sandals
2 Towels
Bug Spray
Water Bottle


Personal Fishing Tackle can be brought to any of the fishing camps – but it is not required. All of the fishing camps have plenty of tackle available.
No Guns. Hunting and Deer Camps have all the guns needed.
No electronic games.
No food or snacks.
Cell phones must be kept by the Camp Director. Camper can use his or her phone at the appropriate times.
Cameras are allowed.


Michael Shipley – Camp Director
David Norris – Kayak Captain
Area Bay Captains
Offshore Charter
3 Outdoor Texas Leaders


Bluff’s Landing is located just outside of Corpus Christi, TX on Laguna Shores Road, which is the last exit before the causeway to South Padre Island.  For more information on Bluff’s Landing, as well as directions, go to their website at .