Waterfowl & Outdoor Skills Camp

The Pierce Ranch puts each Camper in the center of the Waterfowl World.  This 32,000 acre ranch, founded in the mid-1800’s, has one of the most storied Histories of any ranch in Texas, including the King Ranch.  The Pierce Ranch is dedicated to maintaining the habitat and the food source for millions of ducks and geese each year as they migrate South for the Winter. The Waterfowl & Outdoor Skills Camps activities ensure a week-long experience of learning and fun in an environment that might be The Best Waterfowl Operation in Texas. The Outdoor Texas Waterfowl Camp has received enthusiastic support from the Waterfowl Hunting Industry, and related conservation associations.


Waterfowl Camp • July 10 – July 16 •  Boys Age 9 to 16 • Cost: $1,125 • Number of Campers: 12


Extensive Shotgunning • Gun Safety and Maintenance • Duck and Goose Identification • Decoy Placement • Marsh Blind Construction • Retriever Training • Duck and Goose Calling • Waterfowl Habitat • Hunting Techniques • Bird Processing and Preparation • Waterfowl Equipment


Outdoor Texas will invite the dads of each camper to join his son for a special “Friday Camp” where the dads will join their sons for a full day of waterfowl instructions. This will include working with the retriever dogs, shotgunning, waterfowl calling, plus other activities. The schedule will be as follows: Dads arrive Thursday evening for camp dinner, Friday will be a full day of camp activities, a special duck dinner will be served on Friday evening, dad and campers will be dismissed Saturday before noon. The cost of this camp addition is zero. This is an optional activity, but we hope that the dads will join us. 


7:30 AM
8:15 AM
9:00 AM
10:30 AM
12:00 PM
2:00 PM
4:00 PM
6:00 PM
7:00 PM
9:00 PM
10:00 PM
Wake Up
Activity Session I (Ex. Dog Training)
Activity Session II (Ex. Duck Identification)
Lunch and Cabin Time
Activity III (Ex. Shotgunning)
Activity IV (Ex. Habitat Studying)
Activity V (Ex. Duck and Goose Calling)
Cabin Time
Lights Out


6 – 7 T-Shirts             Water Bottle
Sun Glasses               Toiletries
Cap or Visor               Sunscreen
2 Towels                     Bug Spray
Pair Long Pants    2 Pair of Shorts                                                                                                                                                            1 Pair of Hard Soled Hiking/Hunting Boots                                                                                                                                             1 Pair of Sneakers and/or Sandals


  • Personal Fishing Tackle can be brought to any of the fishing camps – but it is not required.  All of the fishing camps have plenty of tackle available.
  • No Guns or Ammo.  Shotguns and Ammo will be provided.
  • No electronic games.
  • No food or snacks.
  • Cell phones must be kept by the Camp Director.  Campers can use their cell phones at designated times.
  • Cameras are allowed.


Kelly Haydel – Camp Director
Lloyd Webb – Shotgun Instructor
Rody Best – Retriever Dogs
Outdoor Texas Instructors 


The Pierce Ranch is about 2hrs 45mins east of San Antonio on the way to Houston, and south of I-10 in between El Campo and Wharton.  For more information about the Pierce Ranch, as well as detailed directions, go to their website at www.karankawa.com .